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Drunk & Sparkly® 

Welcome to Drunk & Sparkly®, a world of refined sophistication. From the captivating aroma to the exquisite flavor, our artisan-crafted Dehydrated and Sparkly Cocktail Garnish offers an unparalleled cocktail, mocktail, and culinary experience. It's a world of sumptuous delights to elevate your senses and enchant you, where even the smallest detail is thoughtfully considered to create extravagant pleasure. 

Drunk & Sparkly Lemon



CRAFTED IN A CERTIFIED, LICENSED COMMERCIAL KITCHEN! We prepare and package our dehydrated fruits with the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in our state-inspected commercial kitchen in Arlington, Virginia. We put your safety first at Drunk & Sparkly®.


MADE WITH LOVE AND SUPERIOR QUALITY! Our small-batch productions of Dehydrated and Sparkly Fruit are dried at a gentle pace to maintain their vibrant color, irresistible texture, and exhilarating taste. You get authentic color and natural flavors in every package. We are particularly excited to share our Lemons and Limes since they retain their vibrant golden yellow and soft green hues and are never dark brown and black.  Our dehydrated fruit's exquisite color is entirely organic, and it is chemical- and preservative-free! We never use color additives


YOU’LL DAZZLE WITH EDIBLE GLITTER! We make our Dehydrated and Sparkly Fruit Garnish with 100% FDA-approved Edible Glitter made of mica-based pearlescent. This single ingredient is additive-, color-, and preservative-free and provides a safe, sparkly effect for beverage, culinary, and confectionary creations. Drunk & Sparkly® is the first to bring this Ediable Gitter to the world of Dehydrate Cocktail Garnish!

PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY! At Drunk & Sparkly®, while we revel in our playful name and the fun, spirited vibe it conveys, our brand is committed to promoting a culture of enjoyment balanced with a strong sense of personal responsibility. We advocate for our customers to savor our products and to respect their personal well-being and the welfare of those around them. Remember, the true sparkle comes not from excess but the joyous, mindful celebration of life's moments.

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