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From Tennis to Drink Garnishes

Updated: Mar 4

If asked, “What’s your favorite thing to do on a Saturday?” Tennis, drinks, and dinner with the besties is always the answer. Our story begins here.

One particular Saturday, several of us were enjoying sunset cocktails court-side, and Erica, my friend, noticed I was exceptionally blingy for Saturday tennis. With a laugh, she said, “You’re so Sparkly.” I playfully replied, “I’m also a little bit drunk.” And just like that, was born in a moment of pure inspiration. But what now?

As the months went by, life got a little busy and Drunk & Sparkly® was pushed to the back of the mind until one morning, after an incredible party, I found myself staring at a mountain of leftover citrus fruits. The clock was ticking, and I needed to get creative before the fruit turned. I sliced lemons, limes, and oranges and tossed them into a dehydrator. The outcome? Stunning dried fruity gems! Curiosity got the better of me, and I turned to Google. I ordered bags and boxes of dehydrated cocktail garnish to compare them to what I had just made. The packages that arrived left me underwhelmed. Some were okay, but most were awful—bags of broken, unappetizing fruit. Most of the lemons and limes looked like they were harvested in a coal mine, for crying out loud.

Bag of Drunk & Sparkly® Drink Garnishes Variety Pack
Drunk & Sparkly® Drink Garnishes

I knew I could do better. My journey had just begun, and already the Drunk & Sparkly® lemons and limes were dazzling with their golden yellows and soft greens, just as nature intended. Nothing like the charred brown and black nuggets delivered to my doorstep. In the blink of an eye, I was churning out batches and batches of dehydrated fruit garnish – but with a twist. These garnishes weren’t just dehydrated; they were SPARKLY. The bling took Drunk & Sparkly® to the next level. I researched and experimented with different edible confectionary glitter, tested various methods to apply and dry the edible glitter on the fruit, and conducted countless trials with varying heat, drying time, and the perfect thickness to slice the fruits.

After months of experimenting, I knew I had a fantastic product for drink garnishes, baking, cooking, teas, and more, and it was time to build a company! For all the glitter and gem-colored fruit, the heart of our story lies in the incredible people who have surrounded me – bright, loving, and outrageously fun friends and family who tirelessly support me on this small business journey. Every day is made better, brighter, and more sparkly because of these remarkable people in my life. Thanks to The Tennis Gang, The Bubble, and the world’s most fabulous parents, Drunk & Sparkly® exists.


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