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Ice, Ice Baby: How Much Do You Need for the Party?

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Ice, the unsung hero of every party. But how much ice do you need to keep the beverages flowing and the party vibes glowing? Nothing's worse than running out amid all the fun and excitement. I've been to more parties than I can count where the ice shortage has caused a mild crisis, and the discontent of groaning guests was audible. So, let's break down the science of ice necessities.

Consumable Ice (the ice you put in your glass): Start with the golden 1:2 ratio. If you expect 10 merry souls, having 20 pounds of ice should do the trick. But, there's always a but, though; consider adjusting based on your guests' thirst levels and the outside temperature. And here's a pro tip: it's better to be safe than sorry. Stock up on a bit extra if you're hosting an outdoor shindig scorched by the sun; you'll want to fortify your ice reserves.

Beverage Chillers (the ice you pack around drinks in coolers): This is the amount of ice you buy in addition to your consumable ice, and it's the key to pre-party beverage nirvana. Before they take the stage, your beer, wine, champagne, soda, water, and mixes should get an Arctic hug. You can ask friends and neighbors for extra coolers if needed, but make sure you start icing your wines, champagnes, beers, sodas, mixers, and drinks at least 90 minutes before the party begins. I always leave some ice in their bags when I pack them around the mixers in case I need more consumable ice later in the party.

We've all been there: the party lost its cool when the ice ran out. The frantic scramble to restock and no one wants to play the dash-to-the-store game. Above all, don't drink and drive. Let's avoid party faux pas by having ample ice before the first guest arrives.

Stay frosty, Party Planners!


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