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Delight in the zesty, citrusy zing of our dehydrated and glimmering Lime Slices, a sensory joyride with each sip of your libration. Each piece bursts with limes' crisp, invigorating flavor and exhilarating perfume. The vivid green color of our Limes is visually stunning and introduces a lively jolt of color to every drink. Our limes retain their beautiful color thanks to our dehydrating process that protects the fruit's rich hue and flavor. Each Drunk & Sparkly® Lime bag offers 35-40 sparkling slices.

Dehydrated & Sparkly Lime Slices

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$15.00 Regular Price
$12.75Sale Price
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  • Limes, Edible Glitter (100% FDA Approved Mica-based pearlescent).

    No colors or preservatives are used in our products.

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