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Welcome to Drunk & Sparkly®, where elegance meets enchantment in every sip. Our artisan Dehydrated and Sparkly Cocktail Garnish offers an unparalleled cocktail, mocktail, and culinary experience with captivating aromas, exquisite flavors, and brilliant visual appeal.

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Drunk & Sparkly

Includes custom labels. Add a personal message on the back of the favor or sh your event's signature cocktail recipe. Drunk & Sparkly® Dehydrated Drink Garnish is the perfect party favor! 

PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY! At Drunk & Sparkly®, while we revel in our playful name and the fun, spirited vibe it conveys, our brand is committed to promoting a culture of enjoyment balanced with a strong sense of personal responsibility. We advocate for our customers to savor our products and to respect their personal well-being and the welfare of those around them. Remember, the true sparkle comes not from excess but the joyous, mindful celebration of life's moments.
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